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My name is Jayda Alcott. I am a High school senior participating in a career and technical education Marine Biology Research Program: GIS. Here I am developing my communication and lab work skills. I am a hardworking motivated person always striving to do my best work and apply what i have learned to do so. I will be attending College in New York as a Freshman fall of 2022 and plan on majoring in psychology to work in the social work field.

Holland Code Test: ASE

Artistic people people are usually creative, open, inventive, original, perceptive, sensitive, independent and emotional. They like to think, organize and understand artistic cultural areas, and are more likely to express their emotions

Social people seem to satisfy their needs in teaching or helping situations. They are different than R and I Types because they are drawn more to seek close relationships with other people and are less apt to want to be really intellectual or physical. They like to work with PEOPLE.

Enterprising people are good talkers, and use this skill to lead or persuade others. They also value reputation, power, money and status, and will usually go after it. They like to work with PEOPLE and DATA

Skills and Strengths

  • Money management

  • Creativity-Leadership

  • Collaborative work

  • Communication

  • Flexibility

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Experience in child care


  • Over Achiever

  • Impatient

  • Hesitancy about delegating tasks

  • Discomfort taking big risks

  • Self critical

  • Issues with commitment

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Email: jaydaalcott@gmail.com

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